Have Horse Will Travel

For horse kids of all ages!

May 16, 2020 Meredith Cherry & Apollo Season 1 Episode 12
Have Horse Will Travel
For horse kids of all ages!
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Whether you are 1 or 100 years old, if you’re young at heart, this episode is for you!  Guest Francine of Pixie Dust Fan joins us to talk about Disney horses, from Major in Cinderella to the real-life horses at the Disney parks that you can meet (and ride!). Then stick around for story time, when Meredith reads “Apollo’s Alphabet.”

Listen weekly as Meredith and Apollo share about their multi-year 48-state journey (The Centauride), talk with interesting guests, and discuss the realities of domestic abuse. 


What to Listen For:

00:25 Introduction to the episode

00:45 Guest Francine of Pixie Dust Fan

02:42 Disney animated horses have changed through the years

04:23 Major and the three mice-turned-horses

05:22 Cinderella’s carriage was pulled by a unicorn

07:40 Disney pays attention to the details…

09:39 …while still making it fun for people who don’t care about those details!

10:32 The amazing live horses that work at the Disney parks

11:52 Are the live horses named for Disney characters?

12:30 The Headless Horseman’s horse at the Disney Halloween party

14:13 You can visit the horses at Circle D Ranch, next to Disney World!

16:19 Are the horses considered to be ‘cast members’ like other employees?

17:03 Disney pony rides, wagon rides, and more, at Fort Wilderness

19:03 About Apollo’s first book, “Apollo’s Alphabet”

19:52 Storytime! Meredith reads “Apollo’s Alphabet”

23:43 Find a coloring page, crossword puzzle, and more on www.centauride.org

24:49 Closing statements 

25:22 End of episode


About our Guest: Francine of Pixie Dust Fan

I started my Pixie Dust Fan website to be able to share my love of all things Disney. The podcast was launched last year because I needed a way to bring MORE of that 'Disney Joy' in to my every day life. I share tips and tricks for planning the best vacation but I also help keep that magic alive for people in between visits!

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