Have Horse Will Travel

Finding the perfect adventure horse

June 13, 2020 Meredith Cherry & Apollo Season 2 Episode 1
Have Horse Will Travel
Finding the perfect adventure horse
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It’s not easy finding the perfect adventure horse to be your travel partner! 

Season two is all about Apollo, and to kick it off, let’s talk about what qualities a good adventure horse requires.  

Speaking of things that aren’t easy, stick around for the second half of the episode, when guest Angela Accomando talks about her journey to change the laws of New York state to make them better for domestic violence victims! She’s already succeeded to get one terrible law changed, and will be sharing just how she – an average citizen – was able to accomplish this! 

Listen weekly as Meredith and Apollo share about their multi-year 48-state journey (The Centauride), talk with interesting guests, and discuss the realities of domestic abuse. 


What to Listen For:

00:25 Introduction to the episode (and the season!)

01:30 Apollo’s big news

03:37 Why Apollo?

04:44 How did I find Apollo?

05:48 What qualities does an adventure horse require?

07:08 Young… but not too young

07:33 Training level

08:12 Healthy as a horse!

09:29 Size matters

10:35 Conformation

12:20 Personal preference

13:11 Apollo wants to be everybody’s friend

15:11 Never “buy pretty”

15:42 Why I love to “drive” a mustang

17:54 Welcome guest Angela Accomando

38:52 Closing statements 

39:55 End of episode


About our Guest: Angela Accomando

Hi! I'm Angela an Anxiety Coach & Certified Meditation Teacher I help Women calm anxiety so they can live a peaceful, happy life. I do this work because I want to help others manage their anxiety so they can move forward with their dreams. I came into this work myself when I suffered from debilitating anxiety for many years. After leaving an abusive marriage & almost losing a child, these tools are what have been my saving grace. I want to help others get through tough times and thrive.

Angela’s Coaching Website 

Angela on Facebook 

Angela on Instagram 


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