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Workout with Apollo

July 04, 2020 Meredith Cherry & Apollo Season 2 Episode 4
Have Horse Will Travel
Workout with Apollo
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Over 8000 miles of walking is enough to get any horse in shape!

Of course, there is more to getting a horse in shape to do this kind of adventure, and keeping him that way for so many days (and years) and miles. In this episode, I’ll share with you Apollo’s fitness routine for getting ready and staying ready to accomplish this adventure.

Plus, we’ll hear from Karen of Equine Unlimited talks about her horseback journey through the Scottish isles with her rescue mare Connie.

What to Listen For:

00:25 Introduction to the episode

01:41 Preparing the equine athlete to perform safely

02:20 The biggest fitness challenge 

05:04 Work hard, play hard, take a break

06:30 Spring training

09:16 Daily warm up and schedule

15:40 Differences from competitive endurance riding

18:06 Our 2020 fitness plan

20:54 Guest Karen Inkster talks about riding in Scotland

42:54 Closing statements 

44:30 End of episode


About our Guest: Karen Inkster 

After a 25 year gap in horse ownership I got a rescue mare Connie. She ended up having major behavioural issues, hence the reason I went on a 300km unsupported journey with her and my rescue collie Pip. Since then I got another horse, a Spanish Mustang who also has major behavioural issues which I am working through. I am passionate about being barefoot and bitless and I am currently setting up my own natural equine centre in Scotland where I will also offer long distance trail rides, camping in the hills. 

My two rescue horses have taught me so much, I now have such a better understanding of equine behaviour and I am passionate about rehabilitating "problem" horses.

Equine Unlimited 

The Deaf the Daft and The Ditsy 



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