Have Horse Will Travel

Funny Stories and A Strange Request

August 23, 2020 Meredith Cherry & Apollo Season 2 Episode 6
Have Horse Will Travel
Funny Stories and A Strange Request
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We’re back! Did you miss us? After an unscheduled break (because, 2020) your favorite horse travel podcast returns with another exciting interview… this time with Cathleen from “A Strange Request,” who has a lot of funny and interesting stories to share from her horseback journeys through England and Ireland. 


About our Guest: Cathleen Leonard

I travel on horseback. It became a dream from the moment I first sat on a horse. In 2017 I rode 1000 miles from Scotland to Cornwall alone with one of my rescued horses. In 2018 I rode with my partner, Vlad, from Cornwall to Wales and all around Ireland on my other two rescued horses and my violin. Half way round we picked up a one-eyed mule near Limerick. I've written two books, one for each journey. We're currently stuck in Portugal with all our equines. We were due to set off in March to ride 3,000 miles across Europe to Romania but Spain went into lockdown and closed the borders the day we were due to set off. It's now too hot to travel on horseback and grass and water are scarce so we're staying in Portugal until the spring when we'll try to set off again.

Book “Before Winter Comes” 

Book “Fiddler on the Hoof” 



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